Exclusive Wine Imports by Marquee® Selections

Founded in 2003, Marquee® is an international wine importer dedicated to providing American consumers with a global portfolio of wine imports produced by small, local, environmentally conscious winemakers. Enjoy wine from all corners of the globe, including South Africa, Australia, and Argentina. Cheers!

Go green with wine imports from around the world!

Backsberg Estate Cellars
Paarl, South Africa
Backsberg’s wine making style is very much based on the kiss principle. i.e. “keep it simple stupid”. The overarching philosophy at the South African vineyard is to take care of the land, the product, and the people. Learn more...

Caligiore Ecological Vineyards
Mendoza, Argentina
Founded with a view of developing sustainable business, local identity, social responsibility, and care of the environment, Caligiore's winemaking captures the true essence and culture of Mendoza, Argentina. Learn more...

Catwalk® Wines
Bottled exclusively for Marquee® Selections by some of the best wineries in the country, the Catwalk® label was established to be fun-loving and free-spirited.

Learn more...

Chateau Saint Nabor
Rhône, France
The history of this Rhône Valley family estate goes back a few centuries. To prove it, the current tasting room is located in an 11th century chapel and this amazing surrounding participates in the whole tasting experience. Learn more...

Marquee® Artisan Wines
Marquee's collection of Australian wine can be trusted by consumers to be drinkable and approachable at value prices. Every vintage is a true "Best Buy" from 87 to 90 points with outstanding quality. Learn more...