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No other group of wines have been given higher marks (at lower prices) from Wine Spectator Magazine than the Marquee® Classic Series, which is a collection of Australian wines that consumers can trust to be drinkable and approachable at value prices. Every vintage is a true “Best Buy” from 87 to 90 Points with outstanding quality!

To call our co-founder, Mark O’Connell, a wine lover would be to make a gross understatement. Mark is a collector, an advocate and even a Burgundy estate owner. Ten years ago he was doing quite a bit of business, unrelated to wine, with he crossed paths with another wine enthusiast, Keith Brien. Keith has been a winemaker for over thirty-five years.

Keith and Mark strongly agreed on one point, wine had become too intimidating. Consumers had to weed through too many labels and marketing gimmicks to find quality juice. Keith left Cleveland Estate in 2003 (after twenty-five of those years) to pursue his dream and make wine for his own label which would be sold internationally and for the American market under the Marquee label.

Marquee® has grown substantially in the past ten years. Labels have come and gone but one thing remains consistent, the quality of the wine. Keith and Mark believe that there is no substitute for well made, artisanal wine.

Marquee® Articles and Media Attention

pairing Cabernet

Pairing Cabernet Sauvignon

Argentine Cabernet Cabernet Sauvignon. Perhaps one of the most well-known grape varietals, this powerhouse grape hails originally from the Bordeaux region of France. The product of a chance cross of […]
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TEXSOM International Wine Awards

Recently, Marquee Selections participated in the TEXSOM International Wine Competition in Dallas February 23-24. Truthfully, we didn’t participate as much as we submitted wines from our suppliers so that the […]
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wine madness

Wine Madness!

The Madness Isn’t Just About Basketball Anymore! If you’re like most people (at least, all the people I seem to know!) then you’re probably into the March Madness thing that’s […]
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events for Marquee Wines

Events Coming Up with Marquee!

Market Visits, Winemakers, and Tastings, Oh My! We are excited to announce the following upcoming events in which Marquee Selections, along with our suppliers, will be participating: Jérémie Castor, winemaker […]
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Backsberg John Martin Sauvignon Blanc

Backsberg John Martin Sauvignon Blanc

Sometimes the world calls for Cabernet Sauvignon: a deep and complex wine with earth and fruit and a lingering finish that you can drink by itself but just begs for […]
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