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Recently, Marquee Selections participated in the TEXSOM International Wine Competition in Dallas February 23-24. Truthfully, we didn’t participate as much as we submitted wines from our suppliers so that the judges could taste and tell us what we already knew: we work with the best and most dedicated producers, and represent the best wines, in the whole darn world. No joke.

And guess what? We were right! We recently got the announcement that Texas Monthly, a magazine for and about all things Texas, would be releasing the winners slowly over the next few days via an online publication. According to James Tidwell, MS CWE, one of the co-owners of the competition, this year’s TIWA was the largest and most diverse yet! With 68 judges and more than 3,600 wines, we can believe it!

They’ve done amazing things with this competition. On their website, you can search a database full of present and past award winners (going all the way back to 2010) and they will continue to Tweet out award winners throughout the year. In addition, in the month of August there will be a Grand Tasting of all award-winning wines during the TEXSOM conference in Dallas where more than 900 sommeliers from all over Texas will gather to talk, taste wine, and even get a chance to compete in the “Best Sommelier in Texas” competition.

The TEXSOM International Wine Awards, originally called the Dallas Morning News Wine Competition, has been around for 30 years and has grown exponentially in that time. Originally only for wines produced in the United States, the competition was opened in 1999 to include wines from all over the world and soon became one of the premier wine competitions in the United States. In 2012, TEXSOM, one of the leading conferences for sommeliers in the entire world, became a co-producer of the event, and in 2015 TEXSOM took control of the entire event, rolling the Wine Awards and the sommelier’s conference into complimentary events.

We are proud and grateful to be working with such dedicated and passionate people. Not only our producers, but the people that we meet every day who have a deep ardor for good wines of distinction and the bonds that such wines can create among the people who drink them. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with TEXSOM and being able to bring such amazing wines from devoted winemakers to those who perhaps haven’t tasted them before. This is one of the many, many reasons we do what we do: for the love of wine!

Follow TEXSOM International Wine Awards on Twitter as they continue to release the names of award-winning wines and wineries, or go to their website and search for the awards for Backsberg, Caligiore Vinos Ecologicos, and Chateau Saint Nabor!