Wine is for Lovers

Wine is for Lovers Wine is for Lovers, and hopefully, I do not offend too many romantics when I state the following opinion; going out on Valentine’s Day is for amateurs. Yep, I am sorry, but it had to be said. Now, before you defend tradition allow me to state my case…

Restaurants Overbook- Even though you made your reservation months in advance, you will still have to wait for a table because they packed the place in.

Special Menus- The menu that you drooled over on the internet since November is sadly not available for you because they have a preset five course menu.

Proximity to Others- It is very difficult to whisper sweet nothings when you are two feet away from another couple hoping to do the same.

For all those reason, we say eat at home this year. Here are a few of our tips to plan the ultimate Valentine’s Day for your sweetie.

Start with the bubbly. A little Backsberg Kosher Brut will set off a spark on your palate, and the evening, and remember: Wine is for Lovers.

Keep it simple. You don’t want to make so much food that dinner takes up the whole evening, and you both wind up too full. Let romance be the main course.

Make shareable dishes. Take advantage of being in the privacy of your own home and share your fork with your Valentine.

Save room for dessert… Make something that will last past the 14th, so your lover has a reminder of your perfect evening for days to come.

Here are a few of our favorite menus:

Surf and Turf
Oysters on the half shell with Backsberg Chenin Blanc
Lamb kebabs with mint sauce with Caligiore Syrah
Heart shaped sprinkles atop mini chocolate mint cupcakes with Marquee Signature Shiraz

Veggie Lovers
Vegetarian fresh rolls with Caligiore Grazioso Torrontes
Mushroom, leek, and goat cheese tart with Backsberg Pinotage
Mini cheesecakes and fruit compote with Caligiore Pianissimo Malbec Rose

Meat Lovers
Cheese and charcuterie platter with Marquee Signature Chardonnay
Meat fondue with a broth dip with Old Hands Organic Monastrell
Chocolate truffles with Caligiore Bonarda

Now just add flowers and candlelight and we can guarantee you a 100% approval rating from your sweetheart. Wine is for Lovers, and Cheers to love!