What is the Caligiore Organic Bonarda?

Today I’d like to re-introduce you to Caligiore Vinos Ecologicos Organic Bonarda. One of the most widely-planted grapes in Argentina, Bonarda is most often used as a blending grape, specifically with Malbec, to help boost the fruitiness and soften the sometimes-harsh tannins associated with a full-bodied Malbec. In the United States, for a wine to be labeled as single-varietal, it must container 75% or more of the main grape varietal. For the average consumer, this means that you may not realize that the wine you’re drinking could actually be a blend of one or more other grapes. This is not a bad thing; in fact, it’s just the opposite. Blended wines allow the winemaker to truly explore different and harmonious ways to create the perfect body, nose, and palate.
On the other hand, having the opportunity to indulge in a single-varietal wine gives the drinker the ability to determine the varietal characteristics that make one wine truly different from another. In this way, Caligiore Ecological Wines has raised the bar. Gustavo Caligiore, the winemaker, does not blend his wines, but allows them to speak for themselves. His Bonarda, like his other wines, is unfined and unfiltered, meaning that all the good things that make wine, well, wine, stay in the bottle instead of being removed. The more filtering that occurs to a wine, the fewer tannins, flavors, and aromas are available to the drinker to enjoy. He only allows 15% of the Bonarda to age briefly in two- or three-year old American oak casks, which provides some extra body to the wine without changing its unique characteristics.

Caligiore Vinos Ecologicos Organic Bonarda is an exquisite wine. Smoky and dark on the palate, replete with fruity and rich cassis, dark chocolate, and fine vanilla, this wine pairs perfectly with meaty steaks and hearty tomato-based pasta dishes. The Bonarda would also be lovely with a flourless dark chocolate torte, fresh berries, or by itself.

The next time you are searching for a unique wine that isn’t like everything else on the shelf, treat yourself to a Caligiore Organic Bonarda. Made with love and care, you can see the truth in the Caligiore motto come alive in the bottle; the soul of the land turns into wine!

Aging Potential: 5 to 8 years

Production: 16,560 bottles

ABV: 0.139

Food Pairings: Pork roast, rack of lamb and oven roasted potatoes.

Wine Notes: NOP Certified Organic

pH Level: 3.5

Residual Sugar: 1.92

Awards:90 points – Descorchados – 2012 Patricio Tapia

85 points – Wine Enthusiast

Double Gold Medal – Sommelier’s Challenge Wine Judging 2011

Try a bottle of Caligiore Reserve Bonarda with dinner tonight. Cheers!