“Water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to drink.” How about, “Water, water, everywhere, but maybe you should drink some wine?” Undoubtedly it would make a tastier world, and I am obviously no good at rhyming things, but why should you drink Backsberg wine instead of water? Everyone says you should drink more water. Everyone. So why shouldn’t you listen to them? Well for one, I think I read somewhere that there’s only 1% of fresh water available to us to begin with, and of that amount only a fraction is drinkable. So really it’s more of a public service to save the drinking water for those without wine, right? As for the rest of us readily shaking our wine glasses at the computer screen the list goes on and on as to why exactly you should drink Backsberg wine instead of water, but here’s 3 to think about:

Red wine is good for you: Take a red wine such as Backsberg’s fabulous Pinotage, or Tread Lightly Merlot. The red wine’s antioxidant infused goodness has been shown to benefit heart health when enjoyed in moderation. While it may not cancel out the quadruple cheeseburger you made out with last night, a little wine in your life my help keep the doctor away.

Longevity is in the glass: It’s no wonder many of the people holding the World’s Oldest titles often attribute their longevity to drinking wine. Your heart is happier, your skin is glowing, and you’re digesting things like nobody’s business! Think of wine as a tasty way to stay more vibrant, but in moderation people, I don’t want to catch anyone bathing in Chenin Blanc.

Wine is tasty: Simple enough. By adding depth and flavor to your meal a good wine brings happiness to the table, or for some, it brings great dance moves to the party. On its own wine makes the perfect companion as you wind down after a long day. Who wants to end a bad day with water?
Choosing between a glass of Backsberg Tread Lightly Merlot and a cup of tap water with my meal would be easy for me. Not that I’m the anti-water by any means, because I agree you do need to drink it, but I think we should all agree that too much of anything isn’t good for you, water included. We may want to consider that guzzling water like it’s going out of style may not be the answer. I suggest drinking water because you’re thirsty, not because you’re asked to drink 2 gallons a day. Save the water friends, and drink Backsberg wine. Cheers!