Unusual harvest season at Caligiore

With an unusual harvest season at Caligiore, the 2015 vintage at Caligiore is going to be full of surprise as the weather conditions gave the grapes a new turn for this 2014-2015 season.

“We had a warm winter and spring, and a cooler than usual summer and autumn”, said winemaker Gustavo Caligiore. The rainfall was about 40% higher than the average 8 inches Mendoza is used to each year. This unexpected amount of water let Caligiore predict a great year for white wines and short cycles varieties like the Pinot Noir. In fact cooler temperatures helped to get fresh, young and fruity wines, something hard to reach for the warm viticulture in Mendoza.SDC11375

“The red wines growing in regions with well drained shallow limestone soils and stony subsoil, resulted in an incredible balance of flavors”, added Caligiore. The Bonarda is predicted to be lighter than usual, with more floral and red fresh fruit character, joining a strong but well balanced acidity.
Due to this unusual weather conditions, Gustavo and his amazing team were able to pick the grapes earlier, looking for a greater fruit intensity. Pleasant temperatures during the day and cool nights over the full season were favorable to the development of aromas with sweet, ripe tannins and strong colors. caligiore

This harvest season was particularly challenging for the Caligiore vineyard. “Testing the grapes and wines, assessing the results, thinking about what to improve next time”, said Caligiore, is always hard work, but it’s an amazing journey with plenty of emotions and deep feelings.

We can’t wait to taste the 2015 vintage!