What are PET bottles?

Marquee Selections offers a range of PET bottles thanks to Backsberg Estate Cellar. So do you know what are PET bottles?
SKU-TR-Sauv-Blanc-355x1024Backsberg Estate Cellar is engaged for the preservation of our planet. As the only carbon neutral South African winery, and among seven other one in the world, they also use PET bottles for the Thread Lightly line.

But what are PET bottles (Polyethylene terephthalate)? They are recyclable plastic bottles, that seem to just have advantages. Compare to glass bottles the PET bottles are lighter, slightly smaller, easy to recycle and to transport, and they are also unbreakable and safe.

While most of the population is used to the classic glass bottles who appeared to be more fancy than plastic bottles, this new technology should be strongly considered. For those who wonder “how about the quality and the conservation of the wine?” it remains the same, but PET bottles suits best wines that are to be used within a year. That is why PET bottles are the best fit for the great Tread Lightly Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot by Backsberg.carbon-standard-logo

For more information about Backsberg carbon neutral certification visit: backsberg.co.za
For more information about the PET bottle packaging visit: www.drinkstrade.com.au